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Great New Worktop Materials

Posted by Scott Murray

      Great New Granite Worktop Range!

Bored with  plain black granite ? Want Something Different?

That’s  exactly what our customers told us so we went out and found some  really special granites.Just look at these -we are sure you will like them.

Our new web page for these special materials will be ready shortly but we will be happy to hear from you now

 Lemurian Blue

Lemurian Blue Granite Sheets


This is a terrific granite which we have in stock.We know it makes a really impressive worktop or vanity unit so just call us for more info!







Just look at the colors in this exclusive granite ! We had to work really hard to get this and our guys are keen to get cutting! Shout out now





 Maya Granite

This is one of our favorites! Just look at the pattern on this stone-and every sheet is unique.Your kitchen would be really special.Call us for more detail!





Aphrodite Lemurian  White

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty which explains how this stone got its name.A really special stone.Need to know more?






Ruby White Granite

This is a really special granite which is ideal for both worktops and vanity units.We love working this one for our customers.Call us!





Titanium Granite

Worktops in our Titanium Granite


This is one we have been working on and is already loved by our customers.Look at how it comes to life.Call Us for More Details








Blue Crystal Granite

And last but certainly not least our Blue Crystal Granite makes a beautiful vanity top or worktops. Just contact us now!

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