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Limestone and Sandstone Tiles


Limestone and Sandstone Tiles

With outstanding hardness and resistance, natural stone tiles create a rich variety of tones and formats with multiple areas of application: flooring and Wall tiles, countertops etc.

Visit the Stone Source showroom to view our displays for yourself and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  At Stone Source, we are always looking for new and exciting natural stone tiles to add to our extensive range.  We provide the best quality natural stone for your outdoor and indoor spaces. 

We hold  large quantities of flooring in stock with all items available for delivery throughout the UK.  Contact us today  to discuss your requirements and we will happily provide quotations, and expert advise. 

Desert Grey Sandstone

These fantastic antiques sandstone tiles have a hand-cut tumbled edge and textured riven surface to give them a unique aged appearance as through they have been worn away over time. Not much variation from tile to tile and a light powered grey color makes these flagstones perfect for any interior design schemes.

Price: Price on request

Desert Olive Sandstone

Quite varied from tile to tile incorporating distinct beige, grey, olive and taupe tones, which are particularly well suited to older properties like barn conversions and country cottages

Price: Price on request

Provence Limestone

Similar in characteristics to our Palermo, the Provence limestone has a light grey base tone which in certain lights and settings can show hints of beige, letting it sit perfectly amongst any interior, modern or rustic. Offered in a range of sizes from 600x400 to 900x600, this limestone can deal with any size of project.

Price: £57.75 m2 plus VAT


A dense, softly tumbled light beige limestone, with beautifully detailed fossils throughout. Out Palermo limestone will fit seamlessly into period properties or even add a little character into contemporary interiors. Offered in a range of sizes from 600 x 400 to a grand Opus pattern set, this limestone can deal with any size of project.

Price: £57.75 m2 plus VAT

Regency Grey

From the same area as our Palermo Limestone, this tumbled pale grey limestone offers a cool and chic approach to antiqued tiles as we know them. Perfectly suited to a rustic twist in a contemporary house or would be right at home in a converted barn house.

Price: £59.95 m2 plus VAT

Rochester Grey

Intricate fossils with a mid-grey base colour give this flagstone a real authentic historical look. Quite a varied stone from piece to piece with an abundance of character enables this tumbled flagstone to be the perfect tile for through the entire ground floor of the house, old or new. also available in 600 x free lengths mean it an easy choice for any large area. Also, suitable for indoor outdoor living.

Price: £59.95 m2 plus VAT

Portofino Limestone

A light cream background is overlaid with fine swirling lines which typifies this type of tumbled limestone. It looks simply stunning in contemporary kitchens as well as more traditional kitchens, hallways and living spaces. With a tumbled and aged look, it becomes a durable limestone tile and is quite unique in appearance to most other limestone tiles in color and pattern.

Price: Price on request

Verona Beige

Light beige, almost autumnal tones at times, makes our Verona Beige limestone a pleasing sight. With softly tumbled edges and almost wave like movements throughout the face of the tile allows it to work seamlessly in any heritage style interior .

Price: £59.95 m2 plus VAT

Cotswold Limestone

Rich sandy beige colours give this tumbled limestone a real sense of authenticity towards its aged appearance. The aged appearance helps it sit comfortably in older cottage style properties but the simplicity of its overall look can make it settle equally good alongside contemporary kitchens and furniture. Available in 20mm flagstones, this limestone is as tough as they come.

Price: Price on request

Canterbury Limestone

Hard wearing is just the start with this beautiful limestone. A lovely beige color runs throughout with some historic looking fossils along the way.

Price: Price on request

Chelsea Grey

Beautifully varied with intricate fossils peppered through makes the Chelsea Grey limestone a timeless classic. Available in 600 x free length with tumbled edges it is perfect for large floor spaces throughout any home.

Price: Price on request


A pale beige surface tone, this flagstone comes in 600 x random lengths, enables the tile to cope with large floor areas with ease. Having the pale beige color palette that is does, allows this tile to work with almost any color scheme.

Price: Price on request


Hand chiseled edges and a tumbled surface bring a sense of warmth into the olive and beige color palette. With this limestone having a unique tumbled finish, it looks as if these flagstones have been walked on for decades.

Price: Price on request

Windsor Grey

A fantastic hard-wearing tile, mid-dark grey tones with a wonderfully smooth surface finish make this a very simple limestone to use throughout any home. Ever so slightly tumbled edges allow this stone to be used in both contemporary and period properties.

Price: £52.50m2 plus VAT

Oxford Grey

A truly unique finish, which almost resembles a slight leather look makes this tile a complete show stopper when laid. Being incredibly hard wearing with an undulated surface is a result of one of the delicate brushing processes used.

Price: Price on request

Ashford Tumbled

These lovely worn tiles have a tumbled edge and a textured undulating surface to give them a unique aged appearance as though they have been worn away over time. These beautiful mid-grey limestone tiles are consistent in color and are particularly well suited to older properties like barn conversions or country cottages. Our Ashfolrd limestone is extremely durable and looks beautiful against shaker style kitchens or set warm comfy living areas with open fires.

Price: £57.50m2 plus VAT

Heritage Nero

Heritage Nero showcases a beautifully deep, yet work black color. looking as if it has been walked on for centuries, it will be a welcome addition to any property. Also suitable for indoor/outdoor living

Price: £49.95m2 plus VAT

Heritage Grey

This antiqued and tumbled flagstone brings classic contemporary dark grey color into the home, making it a fantastic addition to setting s within a shaker style kitchen. Also suitable for indoor/outdoor living

Price: £49.95m2 plus VAT

Jaipur Heritage

Warm, olive, beige and copper under tones give this stone a real feel of a work country house floor. Hand chiseled and tumbled edges with a brushed finish also add to the historical look making it seem as if the stone has been laid there for decades.

Price: £49.95m2 plus VAT

Premier Grey

Light grey/beige undertones with cream and grey veins make this stone a dramatic delight for the eye. Being one of our more varied stones in the range, it will settle right at home in a modern contemporary bathroom that wants to give off that luxurious impression.

Price: £57.75 m2 plus VAT

Premier Silver

Light grey/silver base tones with delicate veining really expresses a masterpiece of natural beauty. Available in a range of sizes in polished and honed finishes allows this tile to deal with the grandest contemporary settings.

Price: £72.50 m2 plus VAT

Braymar Limestone Tiles

A lovely soft grey French Limestone perfect for country classic as well as modern city. 400mm width with random length, finished with a brushed surface and chipped edge. At £ 39.50per sqm ex vat, this special is only available while stock lasts.

Price: £47.50per sqm ex vat

Sam Bonet Limestone Tiles

This beautiful sandy gold French Limestone has a brushed surface with diamond sawn edge finish. 400mm width with random length at £39.50 per sqm ex vat, it is only available for as long as our stock lasts.

Price: £47.50 per sqm ex vat

Tulum Gold Limestone

Brushed 600x400 cream Gold with small fossils and shells.

Price: £39.50m2 plus VAT On special offer while stocks last


Tumbled and brushed 600x400x10mm. Soft mealy gold colour with some small fossils.

Price: £

Caesar Limestone

Sometimes called Mocca Brown Limestone. Available 610x406. Other sizes to order

Price: £59.50 m2 plus vat

Bergerac Limestone

Sandblasted and Brushed 610x406

Price: £49.75m2 plus vat

Sienna Classic Tumbled

Available in 610x405 and Opus Romano Pattern

Price: £46.50m2 plus vat

Antalya Limestone

Available in honed and polished. 405x405, 610x305 and 610x405

Price: From £47.50m2 plus vat

Jura Limestone

We supply this material in the Beige or the Grey colour. Available in honed or polished. 610x405x15mm and 600x600x15mm

Moleanos Beige honed

available in 600x400x15mm

Price: £45.50m2 plus vat On OFFER

Jerusalem Gold Tumbled. S.G.

Available in Opus Romano Pattern 12mm and 600x400x12mm

Price: £49.50m2 plus vat

Jerusalem Antique Cream/Gold Tumbled Limestone

Available in Opus Romano 12mm pattern, 400x400x12mm, 400x600x12mm, 600x600x20mm and 600x900x20mm

Price: From £48.50m2 plus vat

Antique Grey Limestone

The surface and edges have been aged and then the material has been tumbled to look reclaimed. The material comes approx. 22mm thick in a fixed width with random lengths no shorter than the width.

Price: £42.50m2 plus vat

Antique Black Limestone

The surface and edges have been aged and then the material has been tumbled to look reclaimed. The material comes 22mm thick in a fixed width with random lengths no shorter than the width.

Price: £42.50m2 plus vat

Antique Gold Limestone

This Natural Limestone has had the surface and edges aged and then tumbled to give the look of being reclaimed. It comes 22mm thick in fixed widths and random lengths no shorter than the width.

Price: £42.50 plus vat