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Marble and Granite


Marble and Granite

At Stone Source we stock a very wide range of Marble and Granite.  Sourced from around the globe, we import only the best quality marble and granite to manufacture to your specific needs.   

Our on site manufacturing allows our team of highly skilled craftsmen to manufacture and install stone to your exacting requirements.  Whether its a hearth, bath-top, bar counter or Kitchen worktop, we have the skills to do it.  

Have a look at the gallery below to get an idea, however for prices and more information please contact us on 01463 238222 or contact us to find out more!

Calcite Caraibica

With is green and blue colourings this material is truly striking.

African Copenhagen Granite

Copenhagen granite features a soft white background and dramatic gray veins, with just touches of black to give it more character. This durable granite is suitable for interior and exterior projects including to create beautiful granite counter tops, floors, and accent walls in both commercial and residential properties.

Autumn Sunset

Aphrodite Lemurian White

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty which explains how this stone got its name.A really special stone


Azurite is a beautiful rich granite. This is especially good for counter tops, hearths as well as outdoor applications.

Baltic Brown Granite.

A very popular choice, Baltic Brown has a black base with brown circular patches unevenly spread throughout the granite.

Blue Crystal Granite

This is the very latest of our granites with Blue Crystal a very scarce option . We really like the texture and color and we know you will too

Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is one of the most famed, exclusive and desired stones in the world. Quarried in the city of Carrara, it has been popular for use in sculpture and building decor for decades. This luxurious natural scheme is perfect for creating a lavish sanctuary in bathroom, hallway, living area or kitchen.

Chinchilla Marble

Chinchilla Marble is a beautiful grey marble with longitudinal grey and white veins. It is always cut against the vein to create this particular veining, that are normally very regular and are not subject to any changes. Widely used for flooring, Chincilla decorates with style and extreme elegance any type of interior and exterior design project

Creme Marfil

Crema Marfil is a very popular beige marble which we offer. With a pale background interspersed by light eddies of brown to red veining this stone is elegant, beautiful and versatile.

Fossil Brown Marble

Fossil brown marble has its own attractive and pleasing texture. As like its unique names Fossil Brown Marble has its unique specification. Fossil Brown Marble is a darkish brown stone with a distinctive shape of product, which makes use of both residential and industrial together with flooring, countertops and other wall applications.

Grey Emperador

Grey Emperador features a light grey background with clouds of white and grey patches. A contemporary look for commercial and residential projects.

Guatamala Green Marble

A beautiful green colored stone, this is a fine marble and widely used as flooring, counter tops, staircases, tiles, treads, thresholds and windows sills.

Impala Polished

Grey Black speckled polished granite. Cut to size.

  • Kings Grey marble

Kings Grey Marble

Polished Grey marble with movement throughout. Only available in tile format.


Possibly one of the most luxurious and unique granite available for kitchen work surfaces. A very elegant looking stone suitable for kitchen and bathroom surfaces but mostly specified in kitchens for the most eye catching of work tops. No matter what the setting contemporary or traditional, labrodite is an amazing natural stone choice for a work surface.

Lapadis Granite

Lapidus Gold is an exclusive light yellow colored stone with grey and black leopard spotting and beautiful light grey highlights. A flexible and adaptable surface that can be used for kitchen worktops, flooring, bathroom, staircases, etc

Lemurian Granite

Lemurian Blue is a truly breathtaking stone, and one that needs to be seen in person to truly appreciate. It displays lustrous colors that are formed by internal fractures in the mineral that reflect light back and forth. Lemurian Blue is full of blue, green, black, and turquoise color making the stone rather remarkable.

Magma Gold

Magma Gold Granite is a beautiful exotic bold granite, with a blend of gold, rust, and black colors. Perfect for kitchen counter tops, hearths, fire surrounds and bathroom vanities

Maya Granite

This is one of our favorites! Just look at the pattern on this stone-and every sheet is unique.Your kitchen would be really special.

Oyster Quartz

Oyster is one of the newest materials we have in.... and one that wont be around for long. The photos do not do this material justice, and only seeing in person can you appreciate the distinct colouring's

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Marble is an elegant white background accented with dark to medium gray veins. Its crystalline appearance adds a glamorous touch to this stone.


A stunning granite with colors that combine to make it a special stone. Combining Tose, Rust, Ivory, Brown and Black crystals this really eye catching stone is ideal for bar counter tops and baths.


A very unique choice, this is something if you truly want something different. Mariance gives an amazing effect to any room in which it is installed, and will almost always provoke reaction.

Rosso Levanto

Rosso Levanto is a natural dark red stone with dramatic white veining. The rock is very elegant and refined, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Ruby White Granite

This is a really special granite which is ideal for both worktops and vanity units.We love working this one for our customers


Sodalite granite, has a is a rich royal blue background with dramatic veining to give it character. This exclusive granite is a real statement piece, suitable for any project.

Silver Travertine

The beautiful natural tones of this stone, give Silver travertine its unique character. The characteristic swirling patterns are brought to lifeby a fantastic array of creams and gold on an elegant base of light greys and silver

St.Laurent Granite quartz

Gold and Cream with some show of green within it. Cut to size

Star Galaxy

Star Galaxy has a high quality, natural finish that has minimal pitting. Sophisticated black background and elegant, petite bronzite speckles give this stone an appearance which will suit both the sleek and modern or traditional.

Thassos White Marble

White Thassos marble is a very precious natural stone characterized by a very fine grain and absolute white color, without any visible veining. Due to its incredible elegance and clean look, Thassos White marble is used to embellish and enhance interiors of both classical and contemporary style as floorings, staircases, facings, decorative objects and accessories.

White Thassos marble has also great technical qualities, in addition to aesthetics ones: durability, strength and humidity resistance, one of the reasons of its use in kitchen and bathroom design projects.


Titanium Granite is filled with movements of grays, blacks, golds and ivory. This durable stone is prefect for any indoor or outdoor project including bathrooms, kitchens, landscaping and hearths.

Twister Granite

Polished Green with a mix of shapes looking like a riverbed.