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Travertine Tiles


Travertine Tiles

With outstanding hardness and resistance, natural stone tiles create a rich variety of tones and formats with multiple areas of application: flooring and Wall tiles, countertops etc.

Visit the Stone Source showroom to view our displays for yourself and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  At Stone Source, we are always looking for new and exciting natural stone tiles to add to our extensive range.  We provide the best quality natural stone for your outdoor and indoor spaces. 

We hold  large quantities of flooring in stock with all items available for delivery throughout the UK.  Contact us today  to discuss your requirements and we will happily provide quotations, and expert advise. 

Silver Tumbled

Classic silver travertine, but in a tumbled finish creates a different side to this travertine. With its tumbled edges and face, it created a timeless aged look which will look perfect in any country cottage.

Price: £49.75m2 plus VAT


A classic tile in the world of stone. This silver travertine has a subtle silvery grey base tone with intricate beige swirls running over the face of the tiles. Quite varied from tile to tile, it allows for a dramatic effect to be created on any floor and wall.

Price: £49.75m2 plus VAT

Gold Italian Travertine

This lovely honed and filled travertine has a base colour of white to cream with soft hues of gold through it. Sizes available 914 x 457x 13mm and 610x406 x 13mm. We could supply with no gold.

Price: From £49.50m2 plus Vat for the 610x406 and from £57.50 plus vat for the 914x457mm SPECIAL OFFER

Italian Gold and Cream or off white Travertine

Rare opportunity to have this available again.
Soft Gold/cream and off white honed and filled Italian Travertine. Sizes 610x405x13mm or 915x457x13mm.

Price: Starting from £49.50m2 plus vat

Saturnia Travertine

Honed and filled vein cut travertine. 610x406 and 914x457 . Ask for sizes in stock.

Price: £59.50 to £69.50 m2 Plus vat

Italian Dorato Travertine

This warm Gold coloured Italian Travertine is available in the roman opus pattern, 610x406x13mm and 914x610x13mm chipped edges unfilled and brushed.

Price: From £59.50m2 plus vat

Silver Travertine

This material is stocked in:

Chipped edges and tumbled, Pattern set or 610x405mm

Honed and filled, 405x405 and 610x405mm

Price: From £45.75m2 plus vat

Turkish Noche Travertine

We stock 405x405, 610x305mm and 610x405mm honed and filled with sawn edges.

Price: £39.50 plus vat

Turkish Character Traverine

We stock this material in a filled and polished 610x405x12mm, 305x305x12mm.
We also stock this material with chipped edges, unfilled and brushed in a Roman pattern, 610x405x12mm and 100x100x10mm.

Price: From £28.50m2 plus vat

Pewter Ocean Italian Travertine

We stock this material in filled and polished with sawn edges and also chipped edges, unfilled and brushed. Sizes 610x305. Other sizes to order depending on quantity.

Price: From £59.50m2 plus vat

Italian Noche Walnut Travertine

This Italian Travertine is unfilled, has chipped edges and then brushed. Stock sizes 610x305x13mm. We also supply this filled and polished.

Price: £59.50m2 plus vat

Nuvolato Rustico Italian Travertine

This Italian Travertine is unfilled, has chipped edges and then brushed. Stock 610x406x13mm and 914x610x13mm. Roman Pattern to order depending on quantities.

Price: From £59.50m2

Saturnia Italian Travertine

This Italian Travertine is unfilled, has chipped edges and then brushed. Base colour is Ivory and sometimes has a gold colouring. Stock 610x406x13mm and 610x914x13mm. Roman pattern can be ordered.

Price: From £59.50m2 plus vat